Celeste Knickerbocker | Celeste Knickerbocker - Pilates Instructor
Studio on Spring is a hidden Pilates + movement center in the heart of Downtown LA’s ‘Historic Core’. It is a bright, open space with professional equipment and plenty of space for small group classes - and fosters an environment of mind-body centered learning and collaboration.
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metamorphosis : through movement

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness,” Joe Pilates, the creator of the method, once wrote. The question that many of us face is how — given our busy lives — can we get there? My personal philosophy is my credo as trainer and instructor: healthy, physical movement is the gateway to a happy, fulfilling life.

Consider this: the stagnant body of a person is no different than a stagnant body of water. Imagine the last time you were near a still, green, algae filled pond versus a free-flowing river or an ocean. Movement keeps the water oxygenated and allows life to flourish within. Stillness, on the other hand, creates sediment. When we do not move our bodies, we become stuck and stagnant in other ways: mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I am passionate about helping my clients and friends create a life of flow, strength, and determination. An unstuck body creates an unstuck mind. Together, we can work to discover and create the strongest, most liberated version of yourself.


Hi, I’m Celeste: a Pilates & GYROTONIC® instructor based in Los Angeles. My Pilates practice has spanned two decades, and I began instructing in 2011. I completed my Pilates training at the renowned EHS Institute in San Francisco, with its strong therapeutic approach. Thanks to my background in dance, massage and physical therapy, I can work with many different body types and help people prevent or recuperate from injuries. I’m thrilled to add GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® to my recent list of skills, because I consider this a truly unique & profound exercise art.


The exercise disciplines I specialize in are proven to benefit clients and improve their quality of life at every stage of the game. Everyone benefits from thoughtful movement, so I strive to help these methods become more widely available and far reaching. My dream is that both the Pilates & GYROTONIC® methods become accessible to everyone, everywhere – because I believe they are the most effective at keeping us fundamentally strong throughout our lives. They are unique and proven practices to create strength from the inside of the body out.


My Studio on Spring, hidden in the heart of DTLA’s ‘Historic Core’, is equipped with a professional reformer, tower and combo chair, as well as necessary accoutrements and floor space for private group classes. I am thrilled to provide this bright, spacious studio for my clients, friends, and colleagues. Top-notch teachers and experts in the field travel to SoS from all over the world to collaborate, share ideas, and work with students. It is my goal that the studio continuously embodies the vibe of kinetic motion and forward movement by promoting collaboration, learning, and body/mind focused awareness. Click the link above to visit the Studio.

Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m possible’.

– Audrey Hepburn

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